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By | 19 February 2018

Event Management Solution – A recent survey conducted by a leading provider of event management software asked UK-based event managers what tools they liked to manage and plan their events. The most common tool so far is the event management software with 67% of the votes. Comes second and third respectively are spreadsheets and ‘other’.

Spreadsheets are a tested and tested way of testing – they can track budgets, monitor resources and can be an effective way to create and manage lists. The main benefit of the spreadsheet as a tool event management solution is the low cost associated with it. The majority of event managers have access to spreadsheets and this is a widely accepted document format. However, there are a large number of shortcomings if event managers decide to use spreadsheets as their primary event management tool. Common issues include:

Poor Efficiency: Using a spreadsheet is not a very efficient method to manage all aspects of the event. Possible event managers will use many different spreadsheets, all with dozens of tabs, holding large amounts of data. Managing all of this data in a spreadsheet can be confusing to outsiders, and time consuming for all users. Data is lost: Spreadsheets are just as secure as the server / system they sit on. If they store the computer’s hard drive, there is a risk that all data will be lost if it occurs on that computer or laptop. Spreadsheets also tend to freeze / stall and unless the event manager is accustomed to saving regularly, there is a high risk that data and work will be lost.

It is difficult to create reports to measure success: An important part of event management solution is the ability to analyze event success. It is important to have the ability to understand what makes a particular event work and what needs to be measured to analyze the performance of the event. Using a spreadsheet makes this a difficult task. While graphics and graphics can be easily done in spreadsheets, merging and sorting data can be a very complicated and time-consuming task. It is quite often the case that when using a spreadsheet, the activity of measuring the performance of an event is forgotten or fired.

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